Creating Summer Fun

By organizing fundraising events in her local community, Malka helped start “Camp Jolly”, a summer camp for children at her school. Along with sourcing camp leaders and counselors, she arranged for the camp to take place in Bournemouth. Malka’s idea was so successful tgat ger school has been inspired to create an after-school club and she is already planning next year’s “Camp Jolly”!

Malka M., age 11

London, England, UK

The October code is:


It gives you an orange shirt with a bat on it!




Shooting Hoops Fur a Pawsome Cause

Austin started “Hoops of Hope”, an annual free throw basketball marathon that raises awareness and funds for AIDS orphans in Africa. The success of his efforts has inspired others to participate in Hoops of Hope events in 37 states and four countries. Together, Austin and his supporters have raised $320,000 to help provide care to AIDS orphans, build a new school, medical lab, and counseling center, and send care kits to AIDS caregivers.

Austin G., age 14

Mesa, AZ, U.S.

The September code is:


It gives you a big leaf to hold in your hand!


Raising Money for Furbulous Charities

Jasmine raised more then $200,000 for various domestic and international causes, including hurricane relief, Self Help for the Elderly and the Asian American Cancer Support Network.  In addition, she helped open Hillsdale School’s Student Run Volunteer Center and organized the first annual Hillsdale Volunteer Fair that promotes volunteerism among her classmates and peers.

Jasmine N., age 17

San Mateo, CA, U.S.

The August code is:


It gives you a HUGE cookie!

This morning, you may have noticed this lighthouse on the map:

lighthouse map

If you click on it, however, nothing happens. Go to the Sunshine Shores Cave and try this:


Click on the spot circled in red.

If you click there, you will automatically be transported to the Lighthouse!


There’s nothing to do there except swim, but maybe eventually you’ll be able to get into the actual Lighthouse itself.

Also released in Bearville today is the Internet Safety Quiz.


Go to the Fashion District and click on the flashing traffic cone to take the quiz.


I’m not going to tell you any of the answers, since you should know them already!

If you get all the questions right (or maybe if you just finish the quiz. I got all of the questions right the first time so I don’t know what happens if you get some wrong) you get a traffic cone hat! It looks exactly like the cone next to Pawlette, just on your head. It won’t show up on my head as of now, though.

christina Christina

Promoting Your Leadership & Community Involvement

Christina co-founded “Bring It On,” the first and only youth service non-profit organization in Northeast Bronx.  The organization promotes youth leadership, community involvement through service learning projects and You Go Girl Go Empowerment Forums.  Christina has personally volunteered more than 1,100 hours and has helped Bring It On raise more than $25,000 for charity while engaging 1000+ youths in the community to create change.

Christina J., age 17

Bronx, NY, U.S.

The July code is:


It gives you flip flops!

I’m sorry to say this, but Everything Beary is probably not going to be active anymore. First of all, with all of BABVs billions of updates every week ( :D), I just feel like it would take too much time for me to keep this running. I also have only had like 5 posts from other users besides me and Hannah. I figured that its not worth it for me to post all this stuff if no one is reading it. So, yeah. I might post stuff eventually, but not anytime soon.

LOL now watch me post something like a week from now!

First, before I get into talking about Earth Day, on Friday, a new Chloe Show came out with Meaghan Martin(wow, I can’t believe I spelled that right!) as the guest! After you watch it, you get a new move! I figured this isn’t worth posting pictures on since I’m sure you are capable of logging on and looking at it yourself.

Happy Earth Day!

Don’t you just love the world we live in? Show you care by planting a flower or by recycling and not littering or something! (Aren’t I such a touching person? NOT!)

For more info on Earth Day, go to

To celebrate Earth Day on Bearville, Green Tracks (at the Recycling Center) is giving out a Plant Watering move! Get it today, since it’s the only day he is giving it out!

Today is also Pawlette Coufur’s Birthday!! She is giving out a kinda weird looking/kinda awesome carrot plant to celebrate!

And, apparently, on Arbor Day, you can plant a tree. And I’m not joking about this- I sent in an idea about planting your own trees like 2 weeks ago! They were probably already planning on doing it, but still, it is fun to think they picked my idea!

If you want pictures of all the new stuff, go to!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! I play acoustic guitar, and my teacher let me play an electric guitar and it was AWESOME!! It was also like 1000 times easier than acoustic! Here is the electric guitar I want:

LOL! Post what you think of it!

Today, a new Paws For Nature (P4N) came out! It’s all about Earth Day! You can figure out the answers pretty easily; just take a glance at each paragraph. If you correctly answer the three questions, you get a special gift!


SPOILER!:The three answers are: The United States, 1970, and I forget what the last one was…post the question if you want the answer.

A quest also came out a few days ago- a quest unlike any other BABV quest EVER! Instead of searching all over Bearville for random objects, you actually get to talk to people and stuff! Check out the Green Tracks Quest page for a walkthrough!


My guide to the Easter Egg Hunt in BABV!

Find all 5 of the eggs and get the Easter Egg Basket!

why is this not showing up?? :(

These are the 8 new hairstyles that came out today!

What do you think of them? I absolutely LOVE the top middle one! That is what I have now! It looks good without a hat and with a little bow or something! I think the longer ones are kind of…voluminous…LOL!

Now sometime soon they are supposed to be adding more features for the salon, as well. I wonder when?

EDIT: Here it is! They changed everything! I still wish they had put in a lobby, though. That would’ve been PAWSOME!


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I know this blog doesn’t get many viewers, so I didn’t think it would matter much if I didn’t post. We (Hannah and I) are thinking about having a contest. Post if you think we should or shouldn’t, because we won’t have one if we don’t have any viewers/posters!

Since it is a new month, there are new fountain items and a new gift from Chloe and Maxine! Here are the fountain items:

Thanks again to Freya from for permission to use this image!

Thanks again to Freya from for permission to use this image!

I absolutely LOVE the Sunflower Hat! My character is wearing it right now!

Here are Maxine’s and Chloe’s items:


Maxine's Gift

Chloe's Gift

Chloe's Gift

Obviously, they are going for a gardening theme this month!


A couple days ago, they redid a lot of the buttons on the screen for BABV, placing the Moves on the left with the Emoticons and the Chat button, and having the friends list up near the top.

Also happening soon on May 13th, we, very unfortunately, have to make our friends lists under 200 friends. If you see me on BABV, I must ask you to not ask to be my friend, since I want to save the few spots left in my list for people I actually know. If you want to clean out your list quickly and easily, click on the Organize button in your friends list. Put a checkmark in the checkboxes next to the friends you want to remove from your list, then press the delete button. On May 13th, the BABV team will go through your list and delete the friends you don’t see very often. Check your Bear Mail for more information.

There is also going to be a new bear, or should I say, dog coming out this month! The Velvet Pup will be in stores on April 13th, and to celebrate it, you can play Canine Care at the Friendship Forest Farm and get double points!


The most exciting thing happening this month for me is the UPDATE IN THE BEE STYLIN’ SALON!!! I absolutely LOVE when they update this store! On April 6th, they will provide you with the ability to change your avatar’s eye color, facial features, probably skin tone, and more! There will also be some new hairstyles, including the one in the above picture!

Another AMAZING update is the new way you can find Maxine and ChloeRocks!! If Maxine or Chloe are on BABV, their picture will appear next to the den they are on! Unfortunately, though, if MaxineClarkCEB was on your friend’s list, she won’t be on it anymore.

Got to go! Check out the Bearville Times and the signs around Bearville for more information on the updates!! And be sure to check out the Easter Egg hunt on April 7th!!



Raising Money, Awareness & Spirits

A cele-bear-ated jazz musician and advocate for the blind, Rocco raises funds for various causes that provide services for the visually-impaired. He has addressed New Jersey State legislators and convinced them to allocate $1.2 million to Braille education and services for blind children. In addition, Rocco serves as Ambassador for the Little Rock Foundation that provides resources to blind children and their parents, educators, and therapists.

Rocco F., age 11

Voorhees, NJ, U.S.

The April code is:


It gives you a green shirt with leaves on it!


Helping Beat Autism with Beads

Michala started “Beading to Beat Autism,” and organization that raises awareness and funds for autism research and education. Together with many other volunteers, she designs and sells beaded bracelets and donates the prodceeds to the physicians at Kosair Children’s Hostputal and the Department of Pediatrics. She has raised more than $200,000.

Michala R., age 11

Louisville, KY, U.S.

The March code is:


It gives you an adorable green knit hat with a pink flower on it!

Today, being the first day of a new month, brings a lot of new things, including 14 BRAND new fountain items (no repeats from past months, yay!)!


Thanks to Freya from!

Also because of the new month, Maxine is giving out a new Apple Bag! I would post a picture, but I haven’t actually gotten it yet!

I will post the article for the Huggable Hero of the month along with the code as soon as I am done with this post!

Apparently, March is Hug a Teacher month! To celebrate that, BABV has put up a sign in the Bear University! teacherssign1


Go to the Classroom and click on the teacher's desk to get an Apple Chair!

TONS of new things are up in Bearville today! First off, you can now vote for your favorite designs for Maxine’s Cub Condo! To vote for a design, click on the arrow by Maxine’s front porch and click on the “View Others” button. When you see your favorite design, enter that condo and press the VOTE button on the bottom of the screen above the chat area.

Another thing that popped up today was the Cinnamon Swirl Bunny Quest at the Friendship Forest Park! Find the 5 pieces of candy hidden all over Build-a-Bearville to get a pawsome new hopping move! For a guide to finding the candies, go to the Quest Guides page!bunyqueststart

Also showing up in Bearville today is the Cuddly Lamb! Go to the Friendship Forest Farm and click on the adorable lamb romping among the trees to get a Sheep Poster!


One out of two last random updates was in the log-in page! When choosing your servers, you can now click on the country you live in on a map of the world!


There is now a new map when going through your Cub Condo!
There is now a new map when going through your Cub Condo!

Today is National Pancake Day, Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, and February 24th! Here is how National Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, originated:

“It’s all today and it’s all the day before Ash Wednesday, when Lent begins. Shrove Tuesday gets its name from the ritual of shriving, when the faithful confessed their sins to the local priest and received forgiveness before the Lenten season began. “To shrive” meant to hear confessions.

Historically, Shrove Tuesday also marked the beginning of the 40-day Lenten fasting period when the faithful were forbidden by the church to consume meat, butter, eggs or milk. However, if a family had a store of these foods they all would go bad by the time the fast ended on Easter Sunday. What to do?

Solution: use up the milk, butter and eggs no later than Shrove Tuesday. And so, with the addition of a little flour, the solution quickly presented itself…pancakes. And lots of ’em.

Today, the Shrove Tuesday pancake tradition lives on throughout Western Europe, the United States, Canada, and Australia, but is most associated with the UK where it is simply known as Pancake Day.” ~Freya from Bearville Insider

I got that from Freya’s post in the Daily Chat Thread on BI. I tried to say it in my own words, but she just made so much more sense!

Even though the Bearville Times said Bearemy was giving something out, he isn’t. Ted the Tailor in Pawlette Coufur’s store is.

Ted the Tailor is giving out a plate of pancakes for TODAY only!

Ted the Tailor is giving out a plate of pancakes for TODAY only!

On February 18th, Maxine Clarks condo opened up to be decorated! Decorated by who? YOU! There are two ways to get to her house to decorate it: by map, or by foot! Go to th Paw Park and follow the sign. Or click on her condo on the map! Since it is on the Map, it is almost pawsitively going to be a permanent feature on BABV!


Once you get there, click on the arrow in front of the porch. A window will pop up, asking you if you want to begin decorating.

maxinexonds When I first went there, I had to wait so long for everyone to move!

You can decorate Maxine’s Cub Condo JUST like how you would decorate YOUR cub condo. The only difference is that you can only choose from the 50 or so premade, pre-colored furniture items. Once you finish your design, you will recieve a Bearemy Statue for your Cub Condo!

Since I posted this so late, you’ve only got one day to finish your design, as ALL the designs will be officially submitted TOMORROW, February 24th. On Feb. 25th, we will be able to come back and vote for our favorite condos. Hopefully, the BABV workers will narrow down all the designs, since there are over a million people who are decorating Maxine’s condo.

The March Huggable Heroes code will be posted on March 1st.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, everyone!

Anyways, on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, Bearemy gave out the Love Hugs Peace emoticon: lhpanimation

Also happening on Valentine’s Day, David Archuleta guest starred on the Chloe Show! He will be there until March 4th! davidsinging

If you watch the entire show, you get a Singing Move!singingwindo

As Chloe said at the end of the show, be sure to make a Love. Hugs. Peace. pledge in the pledge box in the BNN Lobby!

There is also a Behind the Scenes Show of David Archuleta recording the new song, Let’s Talk About Love! You can even sing along, since all the lyrics in the song are available in Instant Chat!

One more thing; if you donate $1 at your local Build-a-Bear Workshop (or online at to Save the Children, you will get a code for one of five pawsome shirts AND a code for the download of the Let’s Talk About Love song!


ChloeRocks sent out a Bear Mail message recently that said to start spring cleaning by changing your password. Look what you get if you listen to her!:

Change your password and get an awesome Spring Cleaning Move! Sweep that broom all over Bearville!

On February 4th, the Sock Hop came out, and so did some new furniture for the Store Fur All Seasons. I would post pics, but BABV won’t load for me, so I’ll try to later. Here is what I have for my avatar on Bearville Insider, though! I ♥ it!


Visit the Friendship Forest Path TODAY ONLY to get a pawsome gift! See a little clip of the groundhog coming out of his home when you click the “glowing” tree stump!



Maxine’s February Gift is Bear Head Skeakers!

(lol! major typo!)


Again, PLEASE read the article on Dallas before you use the code. Its because of amazing people like her that we have these codes and the least we can do is read a paragraph about them!


Keeping Teens Safe

Dallas raises awareness of teen abduction and date rape. Through community and corporate support, she was able to raise $1,000,000 in cash and services to produve an informational and instructional filmthat is distributes on her website, The film is also mailed free of charge to girls who do not have access to the internet.

Dallas J., age 16

Vancouver, WA, U.S.

The Februbeary code is:


The code gives you Heart Slippers. They are yellow with red hearts on the tops.

Today there are also NEW FOUNTAIN ITEMS!! Go to to see them!

Lately, I have been getting a TON of views from this Swag Codes thing, and if anyone is being directed from that site to this blog, I am terribly sorry! I know you aren’t looking for BABV codes!

Today is Chinese New Year!

“CeleBEARate the Year of the Ox! Visit Bearemy in the Town Square on January 26th to get a pawsome FREE gift in honor of the Chinese New Year!”

Bearville Times


Bearemy is only giving this shirt out TODAY, so don't forget to log on and get it!

Hey, bloggers!

Yesterday me and HannahBalletBear37 went to BABW and got two new furry friends! Take a look!

heartydaisyDaisy is my Spring Hugs Bear, and Hearty Har Har is HannahBalletBear’s new Hugs for You Monkey! They are best friends!

Daisy is about to take the leap of faith! Right into my backpack!

Daisy is about to take the leap of faith! Right into my backpack!

I added a guides page yesterday and will be gradually filling it up with guides for all the BABV Quests! I JUST added a a guide for the Huggable Heroes Quest, so be sure to check it out! I thought that quest was really hard because there are SOOO many different posters!

Complete the Huggable Heroes Quest, go in the Theater, and click on the Popcorn Machine for a PAWSOME move! You can even use it when you are sitting down (in the theater, only)!

Here is the February Calendar! There are two new furry friends coming out in February!: The Happy Go Lucky Frog for $16 on February 12th, Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday, with what looks like a Frog Hat/Mask thing for the PSI, and a Curly Lamb (adorable!!) for $16 on February 27th, with a full bodied lamb costume as the PSI, complete with a blue bow!

feb-calendarI scanned this on my scanner, so if you can’t read anything, sorry! If it was on the BABW website, I would have gotten it off of there, but since it isn’t, well, this is just what I have to deal with!

Congratulations to Pawlette Coufur, the New Ambassador of Build-a-Bearville!

On Tuesday, Pawlette gave out a PAWSOME Celebration Move to celebrate her election!

Pawlette is currently a guest on the Chloe Show, and is giving out a Best Friends Emoticon! Don’t forget to check itout!


As HannahBalletBear37 and I watched this show, she noticed that the arrangement of the furniture on the stage forms a paw shape! Cool, huh?

Hmmm…what else is going on in BABV? Oh yeah! THE SOCK HOP!!!

gympreviewIt has been confirmed that the Gym will be in Bear University! If you are a Jr. Cybearguide, go to the Headquarters and play the Little Miss Matched Maze game! It’s beary cool! And don’t ask me why people’s bears are in the gym dancing around! I thought it was just in the Cub Condos that bears weren’t in your backpack?!

This month marks the beginning of the Huggable Heroes Calendar codes. All I ask of you is to PLEASE read this article about this months Hero. It’s because of our Heroes that we have these codes in the first place, so please, just spend a couple minutes to read this:

January’s  Huggable Hero is Emma, an 11 year-old girl from Nova Scotia, Canada, who raised over 10,000 dollars for finding a cure for breast cancer. Here is her article directly from the calendar:


Commited to Finding a Cure

After learning that one of her teachers was diagnosed with breast cancer, Emma worked tirelessly to raise money and generate support for Breast Cancer Research. She sold pink ribbons and participated in the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CIBC)- Run for the Cure. Her commitment to this cause and extensive fundraising initiatives have generated $10,000. Her goal is to raise $100,000 before graduating from high school.

Emma S., age 11

North Sydney,

Nova Scotia, CAN”

The code for this month is…


Hey, everyone! Sorry I haven’t updated the blog recently! I was quite busy over Christmas and New Years, which reminds me…

Happy 2009!!!

Anyways, with that being said, school has started up again for me, so that means a LOT less posts on this blog! I am going to take a tiny bit of time right now to recap the past events in BABV and give you all a heads up for the upcoming ones!


So, first of all, if you brought your Hello Kitty Build-a-Bear into your local BABW store between January 1-3, you get a mini Chococat kitty! It comes with a code for a pink purse with a chococat head on it for your online BABV avatar! Unfortunately, these offer is no longer going on, since January 3rd has passed! LOL!

There are two new bears this month, or at least two new special bears! The Jack Russel Terrier is coming out January 9th, with a dog hat and a shirt as it’s PSI, and the lovely Spring Hugs Bear! The PSI for the Spring Hugs Bear is unknown, but we do know that there will most likely be a Summer Hugs Bear, a Fall or Autumn Hugs Bear, and a Winter Hugs Bear. Maybe not with those exact names, but this series of bears will replace the Gem of a Friend bears this year. By the way, if you want to know what all the new bears’ PSIs look like, go to BABV’s virtual Build-a-Bear Workshop Store and click on the Choosing Station. I think that each bear that is in that has it’s PSI shown now. It’s a new feature!

You can buy valentines at Build-a-Bear Workshop! Each pack comes with its own NON-universal code, which means it canNOT be shared online. The code gives your avatar a red shirt with a heart on it! Be sure to pick a pack up soon!

Now for some BABV updates! First of all, there are two NEW quests! Click on Hello Kitty in the Fashion District to start her Bow Quest! The bows are located in the Town Square, the Path, the Cave, the Skate Park, and the Libeary, and finding all five of them will get you a Hello Kitty scarf!

The second quest isn’t as obvious! Go to the roof of the Bear Boutique and start the Jack Russell Terrier’s quest for the 5 bones! They are located at the Pawforming Arts Center, the Skate Park, the Neighborhood, the Path, and at Sunshine Shores! You will receive a balloon! Unfortunately, the balloon hasn’t shown up in my inventory yet…

Here is the BIG news!! You can get a Bathroom(2000 BB) and a Basement(3000 BB)  for your Cub Condo!!! Hurray! Buy a sink and a washer and dryer, too! You can brush your furry friends teeth now, and the best thing about it is that you don’t HAVE to!

Lastly, there are some new fashions in the Bear Boutique, each being one credit! What is your favorite?

Now for the Everything Beary news!! I am hosting an Annibearsary/Bearthday Bash to celebrate two things: my birthday, and my one year anniversary of being on Bearville! Possible dates are January 10th, 11th, 12th, 17th, or 18th. The party will for sure be around 4:00 eastern time! Check back for more updates! The party is NOT an official Build-a-Bear workshop party and you will NOT be receiving an invitation via Bear Mail. I might have a contest or something, but that is a maybe. Anyway, have a great January! And don’t forget to do the fountain! It has new gifts for January!


There is actual snowfall on Bearville as we speak! That is only one of the updates on BABV today!

First, take a trip tp to the North Pole to get a new move from Holly and some Pot Holders to put on your wall from Mrs. Claus! Then head to the Store Fur All Seasons and buy ALL THE ITEMS THAT HAD RETIRED FROM THE BEAR STUFF STORE LAST CHRISTMAS!!!! Yes! It’s really true! You can now buy the old Candy Cane Chairs and Snowflake dressers and Snowman Chairs! There is tons of other stuff too!

If you didn’t know, all those new items were available last year when BABV was brand new, so they are very rare! (Well, not so much anymore!)

Lastly, if you go to the Friendship Forest Meadow and click on the snowbear on the bottom of the screen, you get a Shiver Move! Thanks SO much to Tristan2Hip9 from Bearville Insider, the best site about Bearville on the net!

Unfortunately, NONE of my new moves work…grrrr…Post if you are having this problem as well!

Bearemy’s Christmas Countdown starts today!! Click on him every day until Christmas Day to get PAWSOME gifts!

Here is what he will be giving out:


Bearville is one year old!

babvhbCongratulations, Build-a-Bearville!

There are lots of cool things to get and do in Bearville! Watch the last episode of Hal and Holly Moose at the Theater, get a PAWSOME move from Bearemy, get a furbulous tee from our Ambassador, Pawlette Coufur, and get a b-e-a-utiful scarf from Holly herself!

Don’t furget to play the Furbulous Fountain game unlimitedly today only!

Its a bearrific way to get ALL the fountian items for this month!

And by the way, I am working on a guide for the current fountain items. It should be finished today!

trainFirst of all, the Train to the North Pole is officially open! Click on the paw print under the massive mob of people to board the train.


This is the ride to the North Pole! It is really cool!


Here is Santa's Workshop!


And here is the Flight Training Room!

Along with the North Pole came the Shop Fur All Seasons! You can buy TONS of Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah stuff there!

hueA new episode of Hal and Holly moose came out today, as well,

hahjAlong with a new Chloe Show! It is really…silly! I love it!


Maxine Clark herself is planning a Thanksgiving Parade on Thanksgiving Day, November 27th, at 10:00 a.m. central time, and 11:00 a.m. eastern time. At Bearriliant den! Don’t miss it! (I, unfortunately, will…grrrr…stupid….car…..ride…lol)

And remember, Thanksgiving Day isn’t just a title for a day where you get lots of delicious food. It is a day to give thanks for all that you have. Like having a computer. Without that, you couldn’t play BABV! (OK, that wasn’t very deep or anything, but at least I am trying! LOL!)

A couple days ago, BABV added tons and tons of really cool stuff like new hairdos, new clothes, and more! A lot of people on the #1 BABV site, Bearville Insider, even got into the North Pole and the Store Fur All Seasons, which aren’t even opened yet. Tomorrow, though, I am assuming that these locations will be OPEN TO ALL CITIZENS!!! Unfortunately I have to go on a 3 and 1/2 hour car trip leaving early in the morning! I hope I get to see it!!

And by the way, if you want to see pics of the North Pole and the new store, go to! Be sure to join! It is a totally pawsome site!





You can now wear hats OVER your hair! It is like a dream come true!


The path to the Train Station on Build-a-Bearville.

As you can see, the train station is going to be on a path coming off of the Bear University. No one really has any idea yet of what the train station is really going to look like or how it is going to work. Let’s just all pray that we DON’T have to go to Build-a-Bear Workshop and spend $15 or more to get a pass like for Sunshine Shores when it first came out.


ddddddI had noticed earlier that the Store Fur All Seasons lights up when you mouse over it on the map, but nothing happens when you click on it. I thought I would take time to note how only a small fraction of the building is taken up by the Store Fur All Seasons. I think it would be safe to say that this building could still be a mall, or at least a plaza-ish thing with multiple stores in one building. The stores would, of course, each have their own door facing the street, unlike a mall, which would have a gazillion different stores with entrances inside a building.

EDIT: The Store Fur All Seasons no longer lights up on the map. When it did light up, if you clicked on it, BABV would crash.


Yesterday, November 19th, a new issue of the Bearville Times was released, along with many new features that will be coming soon to Build-a-Bearville.


For me, the most exciting thing about this month on BABV is the train to the North Pole!! On November 27th, you can go to the Bear University to get to the train station, where you can go to the North Pole! I wonder if we will be able to see Santa! (LOL!)


Also happening on the 27th is the NEW CHLOE SHOW!! Chloe will be interviewing a…moose? Wow, Build-a-Bearville needs, might I say, a few new ideas? Not that I am not totally excited!! Maybe he will speak moose, like the moose translator on Holly’s blog!


Most importantly, you can get Hal and Holly together, along with their storybook, for only $24! You can save about $12 dollars!! I definitely NEED to get them!! So cute!

There are a TON of things happening soon in Build-a-Bearville!

Today, November 6th, Maxine Clark first appeared on the Chloe Show in the BNN building in the Town Square!


In this interview, Chloe talks to Maxine about a variety of things: what her first bear was, what inspired her to start BABW, and other furbulous things like that. If you watch the whole interview, at the end, you will get a Bell Ringing Move!! It is totally pawsome!

Since I didn’t talk about the NEW ISSUE OF THE BEARVILLE TIMES yet (LOL), I will take the opportunity to do so now. As you can see in the image below, I actually appeared in the Bearville Times! It’s not like you can see my name or anything, but still, its cool!! *clap* *clap* *clap*


Today, around 9:00 a.m., BABV announced Pawlette Coufur as the Ambassador of BABV!


If you check your Bear Mail, even though it isn’t flashing, you get a special surprise from ChloeRocks, and if you go to the Furbulous Fashion District and click on Pawlette, you get a BABV flag for your condo!

Four new codes added to the Codes, Codes, and More Codes page!

Today only on BABV you can vote!

Click on the voting booth after getting a voter registration card from the Libeary!!!

You can vote for Bearemy, Pawlette Coufur, or the Brown Sugar Puppy! If Bearemy wins, you get a move; if Pawlette wins, you get an outfit; and if the Brown Sugar Puppy wins, you get an Emoticon!

We will see who wins tomorrow!!

Aaand don’t forget to check out the Codes, Codes, and More Codes page! I added another Emoticon Code!

Hi everybody! I’m HannahBalletBear37, one of Sarahbear371’s closest friends. I also LOVE Buildabearville with a passion. I go on every chance I get and I like to learn new things about Buildabearville. I just got the Pumpkin Kitty AND a Buildabear Workshop giftcard for my birthday so I’m really excited!! GO BUILDABEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the Pumpkin Kitty!

This is the Pumpkin Kitty!

There are three new bears coming out soon!

On Friday, October 17th, the Brilliant Blue became available! It is absolutely adorable! When you bring this furry friend to life online, you get its PSI, or Pet Special Item, which is a Blue Tiara (It looks almost exactly like the Yellow Tiara from the Topaz Teddy!) and special gem wallpaper for your cub condo!

The Turkey comes out on Saturday, November 1st, and it looks like it’s PSI is a Turkey Balloon! Since it hasn’t come out yet, its wallpaper is still an unknown! It will definitely look silly with its head sticking out of your avatars backpack on BABV!!

Lastly, the two moose, or as I call them, meese, are coming out on Thursday, November 6th! Their names are Hal Moose and Holly Moose! I absolutely LOVE these furry friends!! I think they are the most adorable and cutest little things ever! The PSI for Hal is the Antlers that look exactly like his, and the PSI for Holly is a Necklace, or is it that adorable red bow? I love that bow on the avatar’s head in the Bearville Times!

A new code for Snow Boots has been added to the Codes, Codes, and More Codes page!

Welcome to Everything Beary, a blog powered by WordPress! On this blog, I will post things all about Build-a-Bearville by Build-a-Bear Workshop, like codes, tips for games, special online and in-store events, and more!

My name is SarahBear371 and I have been hopelessly addicted to BABV, or Build-a-Bearville, since January 2008. I would love for my blog to get bigger and more informative over the next few months, but I have to a)learn HTML, and b) finish school on time! Have fun!

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